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Imagine a place where you could go to confide in someone about how to treat your most intimate and sensitive areas without having to feel ashamed or embarrassed? That place is Waxed By Andrea. Here at Waxed By Andrea, a team of Licensed and Experienced Estheticians who specialize in Intimate Waxing and Intimate Skincare are waiting to help you! Our goal here is to not only provide a superior wax experience but also to provide custom skincare treatments to assist you in correcting and preventing ingrown hairs, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and more. We offer a variety of services like waxing, facials, lashes and makeup. Explore our service menu to see how we can help you feel your best and don't hesitate to reach out if you're unsure what to book! 

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It’s been YEARS since my last Brazilian. So naturally i was terrified. The moment i stepped into her suite i felt so at ease. And once she did the first strip i knew i had found my permanent waxer! Virtually painless! Never in my life have i been able to get a Brazilian and then get up and go about my day without pain. The vagacial was the icing on the cake. She’s got a permanent client in me!

Andrea made my experience a pleasant one. I vowed to NEVER get a Brazilian again after my first experience somewhere else. She made the experience very tolerable and I will be back, this will become one of my regular me time things to do. She's very realizable and understanding of my past trauma so to speak. I'm thankful for our conversations and her patience. Sending all of my family and friends to her. I received a Brazilian and mask.

It was my first Brazilian ever and Andrea was awesome!! Super knowledgeable and informative throughout the whole process! The pain was nothing like I expected, it was super tolerable, almost pain free compared to what I had expected. I drove 40+ mins just to go to her because of the great things I’ve heard about her and it was absolutely worth it. 10/10 recommend :)

Andrea is amazing, efficient, clean, friendly, caring, makes the process go by so smooth and fun. The best part is when she makes you feel right at home. Love the education tips as well! She’s definitely my go to girl!!